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What is a rent mandate?

A look into the past, present, and future.

Introducing the Rent Mandate

The Rent Mandate is the most comprehensive renter profile you will ever receive. The application takes into account tenants’ past activities, present characteristics, and future potential to produce a F2R score that demonstrates rental readiness. The score incorporates critical items such as employment, financial history, ability to pay, past landlord reviews, and background checks. Get to know your potential tenant with this key to confident renting.

What goes into the F2R score?

All your tenant's credentials in one score.

Landlords Asked, We Answered

We surveyed, chatted with, lunched with, traded horror stories with landlords all over the country to determine the factors that help make the tenant decision an easy one. We took all those details and worked with our own data scientist (the one and only Nerdy Byrd) to create a scoring algorithm that accurately represents that landlord wish list.

"I am so grateful for all the advice I received from the team at Fit to Rent. I was feeling overwhelmed with everything involved in being a landlord, and Sean's attention to detail kept us from making a tenant selection without the full picture. Thank you so much Fit to Rent!"

Pegi, New Jersey landlord

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