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Workplace culture begins inside the building walls. But employees know you care when you provide resources that ease the challenges in life. Are you the superhero your employees need to journey through the precarious rental market?

Did You Know?

47% of your personnel are navigating the rental world.

(35.5% are renters; 11.5% are landlords)

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Life Isn't A Fringe Benefit

Your Fit to Rent Benefit Tool Kit

How about that? Your own rental resume!

Introducing the Rent Mandate

The Rent Mandate Report pre-qualifies prospective tenants and provides them with a comprehensive profile to showcase their renter reputation for future landlords.

Offers identity protection from invasive application
Promotes financial well being
Reduces expensive fees and searching costs
Provides advantage over other interested parties
Digital payments build credit and credibility

Simple Property Management Software

Simple Property Management Software

Landlords lose an average of $2500 in annual revenue because of intermediary costs such as property management, finders fees, and advertising costs. The F2R software suite helps landlords take control of their investment.

Improves financial gains
Simplifies administrative tasks
Digital payments reduce revenue loss
Offers enhanced leasing protections
Promotes landlord-tenant relationship

Finders fees. Application fees. Hours of lost productivity.

Result: $256 in losses per employee every year.

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