Valued as an Employee... And as a Person

Congratulations! Your employer cares about your well being and has awarded you Fit to Rent benefits so you can easilly navigate the rental market. We are here to empower responsible renters and trustworthy landlords and give you both confidence in the rental experience.

What are My Fit to Rent Benefits?

VIP Tenants

Build your rental reputation.

  • Get exclusive access to the F2R Tenant Pre-qualification Service
  • Create an individual Rent Mandate Report to showcase your rental readiness
  • Use the Rent Mandate Report to eliminate application fees
  • Protect your personal information with an anonymous version of your report
  • Improve your financial health by ending hard credit pulls
  • Enhance your credit and credibility with the online rent payment option
  • Encourage landlords to brag about you in renter reviews to help you in the future!

Member Landlords

Take control of your investment.

  • Utilize the Lease Tracking Software to measure returns on your investment
  • Keep more money in your pocket by reducing management fees
  • Eliminate tedious spreadsheets and keep all property information in one place
  • Get paid on time and stop feeling like a debt collector with online rent payments
  • Communicate with tenants via F2R direct message to address issues in a timely manner
  • Stay on top of lease renewals to decrease vacancy rates
  • Put the best tenant in your home by using the F2R Tenant Pre-qualification Service

Have You Reached VIP Status?

VIP Tenant: Jennifer C. F2R Score: 770
VIP Tenant: David M. F2R Score: 743
VIP Tenant: Alexis S. F2R Score: 722

Creating an Attitude of Gratitude

At Fit to Rent, we believe in the power of a thank you. We are pretty sure your employer keeps a superhero cape hanging on the back of the office door as they search for ways to solve life challenges their teammates may face.

We know you have thanked them telepathically, but why not tell the world about their superhuman strength?

Have them flying high with your rave review today!

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