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Protecting Our Responsible Renters

Image of a shieldF2R tenants are the most valuable assets landlords can add to their investments. Our goal is to protect our renters from the uncertainties in the rental world. Bend our ear whenever you have questions about a listing, a lease, or your rights as a tenant.

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Addition By Subtraction

Showing off your score never felt so good.

Introducing the Rent Mandate

(Aka the last rental application you will ever need.)

Create a profile to show off everything that makes you a great renter, and generate your individual Rent Mandate to share with all prospective landlords.

Your rental readiness score takes into account all the items landlords care about:

  Financial History
  Ability to pay
  Landlord reviews

Save money, share personal information safely, and build a rental reputation that will help you both now and in the future.

"I'd give someone 10% off the first month's rent if they applied to one of my properties with one of the Fit to Rent reports. It would save me so much time and hassle."

Nancy, Charlotte landlord

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