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From realtor to repairman, you wear a lot of hats as a landlord. It's time to simplify the administrative tasks, engage the best tenants, receive answers to all your rental world questions, and feel proud that your property provides a home for so many people.

Knowledge is Power

Image of a lightbulbOur F2R Landlord Community benefits from the collective wisdom of the group. As a member, you have access to our rental world experts for answers and advice to all your landlord questions. We are standing by so give us a call or drop us an email.

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Plan For Long-Term Rewards

Getting started is simple (and free).

Create your personal profile

Stand out from the crowd and help potential renters navigate the sea of fraudulent listings by sharing information about yourself and your properties.

Enter property & lease details

Keep all necessary listing information in one place to see how your investments perform over time. Address renewals in a timely manner to reduce property vacancy.

Set up & collect payments

Connect bank accounts, and invite tenants to setup one-time and recurring payments to make sure late rent payments are a thing of the past.

Pre-qualify potential tenants

Know the score before you open the door. The F2R Tenant Pre-qualification provides a comprehensive evaluation to ensure you have the best tenant in your home.

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