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about us

We are in the customer serving, confidence boosting, software building, reinventing renting business. We produce tools that simplify life in the rental world. We love fellow tenants and landlords and exist to connect the best of both parties. We also adore a good spirit animal and believe there is an appropriate movie clip for any situation.

the bio stuff

Sean Healy

CEO | Master of Chaos and Confusion

Our fearless leader has taken residence in 10 different states as well as Iraq and Ireland. Sean is gifted in strategy and business operations, not to mention his unique ability to bring necessary levity to this startup journey. His most notable rental story? Once a landlord asked for blood samples of his kiddos. He is a meticulous problem solver, and it is hard not to get behind his passion for success. Sean is a West Point and HBS grad, served as a combat engineer platoon leader and an Army Exchange Officer, worked in private equity, and is currently a landlord and a renter. He is husband to Carolyn and dad to Owen, Grant, and Braylen. This dog-loving family has two puppies, The Smurf, an Australian Shepherd, and General Sherman, a German Shepherd.

First job: Horse farm hand and restaurant busboy simultaneously. Managing smells was a challenge.

Skill very few people know you possess: Selecting movie imagery to emphasize a point

If you could have given one speech in history, which one would it be: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Best quality of a great renter: Reliability

Best attribute of a great landlord: Empathy

Jordan Garett

COO | Captain Enthusiasm

Not only is he an operations and compliance genius, but he makes magic in the kitchen. A closet cooking aficionado, you might find Jordan attempting something he saw following a binge session of The Great British Baking Show. This jack-of-all-trades served as an infantry officer following his graduation from West Point, earned his law degree from the University of South Carolina, and worked in financial and advisory services prior to pursuing the entrepreneurial path. Jordan’s own rental woes as well as a strong desire to solve important, complex problems for other people made Fit to Rent the ideal journey. He and his wife, Melanie, have conquered pet hair allergies with a sphynx cat named Raj.

Favorite childhood toy: BB gun

Most desirable super power: Reverse my receding hairline

If you could be at any event in history, where would it be: D-Day

Best quality of a great renter: Stewardship

Best attribute of a great landlord: Responsiveness

Lee Wouters

CTO | Technical Tiger

Our Wizard of F2R has spent well over a decade in software engineering and solutions architecture. In addition to Lee’s brilliance and leadership in backend server & front end Javascript technologies, he is passionate about scuba diving, cooking, Harry Potter, and all things Wolfpack. The NC State grad played rugby in college following his service in the US Navy where he served as a Field Medical Corpsman. Despite being part of a Marine Corps jump unit, Lee is not a fan of heights. He failed to tell his wife, Jennifer, and she selected a skydiving excursion to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The couple survived the skydive and are the proud parents of daughter Ellie. They have one pup, Scarlett, aptly named since their neighborhood has Gone with the Wind named streets. Moxie the cat rounds out the crew.

Nickname: Big Wout

First job: Janitor at a health club

Favorite childhood toy: Star Wars action figures

Best quality of a renter: Pays rent on time

Best quality of a landlord: Addresses issues quickly

Erica Madden

CMO | Rose Among Thorns

A lover of words, red pens, and storytelling, this creative thinker values authentic communication and stewardship above all else. Born in the North (Pennsylvania), educated in the Midwest (Indiana University), made a home in the South (North Carolina), Erica has been a renter for 12 years and counting. (Be sure to ask her about the time she rented a property that didn’t exist.) She has lofty goals to draw her introverted teammates out of their shells and develop a community dedicated to reinventing renting. Erica loves philanthropy, building relationships to align passions, and high level customer service. She is a runner, craft beer snob, and spends her free time supporting her favorite breast cancer nonprofits. Her favorite communication tool? A handwritten thank you note.

If you could have given one speech in history, which one would it be: Jimmy V’s speech at the ESPYs

Skill very few people know you possess: I can find the perfect greeting card for any occasion

Favorite quote: “I can be changed by what happens to me, but I refuse to be reduced by it.” – Maya Angelou

Best quality of a renter: Treats home like it is their own

Best quality of a landlord: Responsive

Trevor Byrd

Data Science Advisor | Nerdy Byrd

Predictive talent analytics, psychometrics, data analytics… just a few of our Nerdy Byrd’s specialties. (We’ll pause while you go look those things up.) Data science challenges light up Trevor’s world making him instrumental in informing the F2R screening strategy. He has spent much of his professional career leveraging data analytics to help business leaders plan and improve business outcomes. Trevor did his undergraduate work at NC State before earning a PhD from Virginia Tech. He was 10-year tenant before purchasing a home in NC with his wife Dana. The couple has three kiddos: Graham, Heath, and Rowan.

Favorite movie line: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys.” – Dead Poets Society

Fear you’ve outgrown? Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia

First job: Golf caddy

Best quality of a great renter: Conscientious

Best quality of a great landlord: Conscientious

Sunny Singh

Web Developer | Precocious Programmer

This talent was destined for excellence in web development when his Dad built him a custom computer when he was 13 years old. A recent graduate of UNC Charlotte, Sunny thrives on finding solutions to challenging problems, which makes life in the coding world ideal. His family has moved a little bit — his mom is from Tanzania, Africa, his dad from Calcutta, India, Sunny was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and his sister calls New York her birthplace! He is an entrepreneur at heart, co-founding and serving as the lead developer for a web start-up while in college. He claims it is hard to pull him away from his computer, but when you do it is likely you’ll find him playing trading card games.

Nickname: Sunny D

Most embarrassing movie on your shelf: High School Musical

Most desirable super power: Super speed

Best quality of a great renter: Consistent

Best quality of a great landlord: Friendly

the storylines

Our collective military experiences taught a learning agility that impacts how we see problems and create solutions. We aim to create experiences in our team that bond us and instill pride.

Our team of six has moved over 40 times and rented or owned in more than 20 states and countries. We moved with cats (furry and hairless), dogs, kids, wives, and military units. We have encountered landlords with feral cat fetishes and renters with hoarder tendancies. We’ve seen it all and then some...

On Friday afternoons, we frequently convene and collaborate at one of the many local breweries in our home city of Charlotte. Lee & Trevor talk tech, Erica makes us smile for a photo, Jordan fills us in on his latest culinary creation, Sean undoutedly brings up General Sherman, and Sunny observes all of our antics. We do solve a problem or two over the brews.